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Nourish Your Basic Human Needs

Nourish Your Basic Human Needs

Nourish your human needs 

Have you ever heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It’s a motivational theory in psychology composed of a five-tier model of human needs. 

At the bottom of the pyramid, our basic human needs include rest, security,  and safety.  

When you’re  stressed, which one of those basic needs (rest, security, safety) is put at risk? Likely all  three of them! So in order to help bring your body back to a state of equilibrium, it’s  worthwhile to play around with fulfilling the other needs in Maslow’s Hierarchy. Here are  some ideas.  

Positive social interaction - Casual and friendly social interaction is a great external  sign that the world is a safe place. Smiling at someone on the street, making small talk  with your barista, or complimenting someone on their earrings are all simple and  effective ways to reassure your brain (and body) that all is well.  

Laughter - Neuroscientists and evolutionary biologists agree that laughter is something  that mammals have evolved to do as a way of making and maintaining social bonds. So  take time to amuse yourself, and expose yourself to humorous videos, movies, people,  or situations that can trigger some real, belly-aching laughter.  

Affection - Hug someone for 20 seconds, or enough time for each of you to relax into  each other’s arms. Research shows that a 20-second hug can change your hormones,  lower your blood pressure and heart rate, and improve your mood - all of which are  reflected in the post-hug increase of social-bonding hormone oxytocin. This moment  with someone can teach your body that you’re safe and surrounded by the people you  trust. No one around to hug? Spending time with an animal can be effective, too.  

How would you rate your level of positive social interaction with the world around you?  Do you feel like you might benefit from more time with others? If you haven't checked out our stress relieving herbal tea please try it today. Click Here for a free sample.

Please feel free to share  your thoughts and concerns with me.