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It's time we returned to nature's pharmacy...

It's time we returned to nature's pharmacy...

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Self Healing is our mission

Here at Magnolia Wellness it is our goal to help you experience well being in mind, body, and spirit. We have crafted a collection of premium wellness teas designed to reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen your immune system, promote weight loss, and release harmful toxins. Click below to try a sample.

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What sets us apart

Farm to Table

Our teas are made fresh with the best quality ingredients. We purchase directly from small farmers who carefully cultivate them.

Prevention is Key

We use medicinal herbs with healing capabilities to build stronger immune systems for better overall health.

Money Back Guarantee

Take control of your health at zero cost to you!  That's right, we're offering a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product.


High quality product, delicious taste

I love the pieces of real quality herbs, flowers and spices. Nothing like a hot cup of tea on cool nights. Tastes good, smells good and helped me relax before bed.

Christine K.

Calming Tea

I brewed this sample bag and it made 4 mugs of tea. The aroma while brewing was a relaxing scent, and the taste was amazing! My new apartment favorite!

Patti P.

For me this tea brought instant relief. I have a very stressful job and wanted to switch from drinking wine. I immediately felt a sense of calming when I drank this tea.


I feel extremely happy that I made this purchase. I am very impressed with the quality of the products and the integrity of the company!


I am drinking this tea on a daily basis now. I love how it calms my anxiety.

Chaundra H.

The tea service is fabulous! I’m gifting it to my wife for our 50th wedding anniversary. Hoping she likes it as well. Great addition to her collection of 100+ tea sets.

T. Curtis

Lovely Tea Sets

Looking for the perfect gift for tea lovers? Yes, you say! Not a single detail was spared to create our ceramic and porcelain tea collection. The matching teapots and serving sets makes them a must have combination.

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Convenient Bundles

We've bundled our best selling teas into convenient bundle sets. It's a great kit to promote overall wellness and self care, or a wonderful gift for loved ones and friends.

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Fun Tea Accessories

Unique tea infusers/strainers to keep your loose leaf tea contained in one place so you can enjoy a pleasant cup of tea every time.

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How do I prepare loose leaf tea?

Our teas come with temperature and steeping time recommendations on the label and in the description on the product page on our website. We recommend one teaspoon of tea per 8 oz of hot water.

Can I re-steep loose leaf tea?

Absolutely! Our black and green teas re-steep the best but of course the first cup will likely be the strongest.

How many cups of tea does each bag yield?

Each 3 oz bag of our premium loose leaf teas yields approximately 40 cups of tea.

What is the shelf life of these teas?

Teas do not generally go bad as long as they are stored in a dark cabinet with low moisture. We do not recommend consuming any teas that are older than one year.