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All in One Strainer Mug

$35.00 $39.00

Plenty of people wake up to smell the coffee. Better people wake up to a pot of freshly brewed tea leaves!

This glass tea infuser is an experience that will leave your senses feeling invigorated. Your nose will delight in the smell of freshly brewed tea while your eyes are watching the warm amber-tones form within the glass, in real-time.

We know it's essential to start the day off with a pause of gratitude. While you think you are just infusing your water, what you are actually doing is adding a little piece (and peace) of mindfulness into your day.

It's looking a little more modern than your grandma's teapot, our glass pot features a comfortable handle and no-spill spout. The infuser is made from durable stainless steel that will never rust or corrode over time.

Also, it's totally heat-resistant, so feel free to use it directly on your stovetop!


- Heat Resistant Glass Infuser

- Great Gift For Tea Lovers

- Stainless-Steel Strainer (not shown)



This is a great gift for any occasion including weddings, baby showers, graduations, etc.

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