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About Us

Welcome to Magnolia Wellness, a holistic wellness company based in Richmond, VA.  We promote self care and disease management through the use of our premium herbal teas.  These teas were specifically blended to help manage weight loss, anxiety, weakened immune systems, insomnia, diabetes, hypertension, and sickle cell anemia to name a few.

Magnolia Wellness is the brainchild of Regina Rudolph, a sickle cell warrior and a health & wellness advocate with a focus on integrative nutrition.  

In 2009, when Mrs. Rudolph and her husband attempted to increase their family, she suffered multiple miscarriages. The last miscarriage occurred when she was nearly 6 months into the pregnancy.  It was a devastating blow and doctors were unable to help. 

In 2011, she sought help from a holistic health practitioner where she was first introduced to the world of herbalism.  Within just 2 months of starting her herbal regime she became pregnant again and carried that child to term.

Ever since 2011 she has made it her mission to teach people how to use herbs to naturally treat and manage many ailments that plague our communities, such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and sickle cell anemia.  She believes that nature has provided us with everything we need to survive and thrive in this lifetime.